Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 21

In reflection of all you have processed this week, I encourage you to make this your prayer today:

O Christ, my Lord, who for my sins did hang upon a tree,
Grant that your grace in me, poor wretch, may still ingrafted be.
Grant that your naked hanging there may kill in me all pride, and care of wealth since you did them in such poor state abide.
Grant that your crown of pricking thorns, which you for me did wear, may make me willing for your sake all shame and pain to bear.
Grant that your pierced hand, which did of nothing all things frame, may move me to lift up my hands and ever praise your name.
Grant that your wounded feet, whose steps were perfect evermore, may learn my feet to treat those paths which you have gone before.
Grant that your blessed grave, wherein your body lay awhile, may bury all such vain delights as may my mind defile.
Grant, Lord, that your ascending then may lift my mind to thee, that there my heart and joy may rest, though here in flesh I be.

Philip Howard
(Found on p.198 of The New Book of Christian Prayers, edited by Tony Castle, 1986, Crossroad, New York).

As a further contemplation, consider The Stand by Hillsong United.

Today there are no questions per se; I encourage you, as always, to journal your thoughts and prayers in reflection of your experiences with the readings and video.